Ghanaian cuisine is diverse. Different ethnicities cook with an extensive array of techniques and deliver varied fare even utilizing ubiquitous ingredients. Ghanaian cooking like much of sub-Sahara is generally based on grains and starches like millet, rice, yams, plantains, and cassava (manioc); meat and fish-based proteins (both dried and fresh), as well as sauces made from onions, tomatoes and chili peppers.

Examples of Ghanaian traditional food include:

Banku is made from an even mix of fermented corn and cassava dough in hot water. This combination is turned until a consistent paste is achieved. It is usually served in small ball sizes along with any preferred soup/sauce with fried fish.

Kenkey is a staple food in Ghana made from fermented maize or cassava wrapped in corn husks usually served with grilled, dried or fried fish (or also with sardines), shrimps and seasoned pepper sauce.

Chichinga is made up of cuts of spiced and peppered beef, chicken, goat or lamb. It is usually served with rice, salad, plantain and Vegetables.

Red-Red is cooked in a way that the love of beans is reinforced in Ghanaians. The beans are cooked into a fine and mushy curry which is garnished with a mix of prawns and fish.

Waakye is a reddish rice and beans combination, which is both delicious and nutritious. The redness is obtained from sorghum millet stalks. Waakye is typically served with pasta, boiled egg, shito, avocado and any other protein of choice.

Shito is the word for pepper in the Ga language. It is also known as Ghanaian black pepper sauce, it is a very popular sauce that is usually added to meals to give them an extra kick! It consists primarily of fish or vegetable oil, ginger, dried fish, prawns, crustaceans, tomatoes, garlic, peppers and spices.

Kelewele is a popular Ghanaian food made of fried plantains seasoned with spices. often accompanied with a bean stew or rice dish.

Shoko is a stew made of beef and spinach garnished with fresh hot chili, green bell pepper, minced fresh ginger and vegetable oil. It is loved for its flavor and health benefits.

Other Ghanaian delicacies include Akotonshi, Groundnut soup, akple, chofi, omo tuo (rice balls), fante fente (palm oil stew with small fresh fish) and tatale (friend plantain cakes), ampesi and oto (mashed yam), Pepper soup, Jollof rice amongst others.

Popular drinks and beverages are coconut juice, palm wine, akpeteshie, asana. maize beer. Pitoo (a locally brewed beer made from millet), zom kroom (toasted millet flour in water), Fula (mashed in water, milk, ginger and sugar), bokina, bisaab/sorrel, toose and lamujee (a spicy sweetened drink) amongst many other locally made drinks.

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