Bill Asamoah Appointed Tourism Ambassador

Feb 08, 2019No Comments

The Minister of Tourism, Arts, and Culture, Catherine Afeku has virtually ‘unveiled’ actor Bill Asamoah as the new Ambassador for Tourism in Ghana. The minister

Catherine Afeku Wins Top Award

Dec 20, 2018No Comments

Minister of Tourism Arts and Culture, Catherine Afeku, has been adjudged the Most Active Tourism Minister in West Africa at the African Travel Times’ 2018

Ghana Society UK Launches Tourism Initiativ...

Dec 17, 2018No Comments

Visit Ghana and learn much more about its rich cultural traditions, history and wildlife through a new tourism initiative called Bra Ghana, Maria Lovell, CEO

GTA To Educate Public On Domestic Tourism

Nov 13, 2018No Comments

The Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) is embarking on a sensitisation programme to educate and encourage Ghanaians to visit tourist sites and places of interest in

7 Monuments In Ghana You Need To See Before...

Aug 23, 2018No Comments

Ghana is one of the richest countries in West Africa and has a lot to show for it. Besides Gold, Timber, Diamonds and oil, we

6 Amazing Ghanaian Destinations That Should...

Feb 12, 2018No Comments

For those who wish to visit Africa, there are a few countries which should definitely be on your list. Ghana is one such country. The

Blink But Don’t Miss A Visit To Swaziland

May 23, 2017No Comments

Just a speck on the map of Africa, Swaziland could easily be missed when one is planning a safari or trip to this region. Despite being

The Architectural Splendour Of Ancient Afri...

May 19, 2017No Comments

Ancient African architecture has a mystical charm that reveals the true nature of the continent that is steeped in tradition and culture. While we live

South Africa’s Stunning Landscapes Seen F...

May 10, 2017No Comments

Photographer Zack Seckler isn’t attracted to cityscapes. “What really is fulfilling to me to look at is natural landscapes. It’s kind of like a painter

Top 10 ‘Most Visited’ And ‘Must-Visit...

Feb 10, 2017No Comments

Tourists coming in to Africa for safari always have high esteem of bird watching, ‘big game’ and the appeal of lusting about in thick wilderness interacting

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